Month: May 2014

Home Sweet Home

Good morning from a sunny N. Ireland. Just what we need, and long may it continue….

I dont mind whatever the weather these days though, nothing can bring me down from the excitement I have felt this week!  This week the builder finally started our new home.  Lots of photos for you this week!  This one is of the girls and myself as work began…


On Tuesday evening the diggers arrived, and on Wednesday at 7am the work began.  I have never experienced such committed work men. They worked long hours each day on site.


Im sure a muddy field isn’t that exciting to most, but this is a dream for us, and something we have been working towards for quite some time.  My biggest Design project ever has begun. I cant stop thinking about the Interior design, imagine the possibilities. Walks in the country to gather inspiration will not be hard to achieve. We will be surrounded by a world of wildlife and beauty.  At the moment the apple blossom is just starting to appear, and we have a pair of hares living in the orchard behind us.

Rodger and I spent last night chatting about the garden design,  with all the ideas that have been thrown around we will want to camp ourselves there instead of living in the actual house.  Naomi has requested quite a menagerie of animals, and Ella, well, when asked what she would like in the new garden she replied “sweets” I think we can complete that request easily enough 🙂   The photo below was Thursday morning. I was thrilled to finally see it all mapped out on the ground, such a sense of satisfaction.


The next photo was Thursday evening as the builders poured the foundations. I think it will be hard for me to stay away from the site over the next while, but work should keep me busy.


By Friday afternoon all the foundations had been poured….


….and the block work is sitting on site awaiting the new week ahead. I cant wait to see what next week brings!



We also welcomed a new member to the Bennett household this week! Meet Molly our little Border Terrier.  The fun these 3 have had this week is immense.  She has settled in so well, and is the missing piece of our jigsaw 🙂



Have a fabulous weekend everyone…


Jill xoxoxo