Decoration is the veneer of life

Morning everyone.  What a lovely week we have had here in Northern Ireland, happy to report bright skies and little or no rain! The kids have been outside playing every afternoon which is such a great feeling.  Below is a little photo of the girls and I at the Argory   my favourite national trust property in Co. Armagh where we live.


Today I want to explain our strap line “Decoration is the veneer of life” and what it means to me. The definition of veneer – A thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material. Or – An attractive appearance that covers or disguises something’s true nature.  This is quite a statement! I could elaborate on this in so many ways, but today I want to explain it in its context within the decoration of home interiors.

In current times home design and styling has become intrinsic to this expression of self, almost becoming a story told through design. The home space is being passionately converted into an ‘object’ or possession reflecting the social status of the owner and his personality. No matter the size, shape, quality or style of home you reside in, one thing remains… It is YOUR home. A place you welcome family and friends. A place you laugh in and share precious memories, but also a place you cry and find comfort during the more difficult times in life… No matter what, home is where your heart lives, and remains to most a place of safety and solace.

Decorating our homes is one of the most personal expressions of self we will complete in our lifetime. We love to find inspiration from friends, TV shows and places we visit.  In my case National trust properties with glorious period Interiors.  Or the cool airiness of the Scandinavian style of living.  Interiors speak volumes of the inhabitants taste and style.  I don’t know about you, but I love visiting peoples homes! We can very quickly get an impression of a person simply by seeing wallpaper choice, decoration, curtains or ornaments on display.  Some are conservative and safe very telling of a traditional, quite serious personality.  Others are bright, colourful and expressive of a bolder, artistic personality. Some are calm, quiet and more telling of a softer nature.  Next time any of my friend invite me to their home beware lol. But in almost all cases my friends and families interior decor is always representative of them as a person.

Who lives in a house like this?

Below is one of the bedrooms in Annie Sloan’s farmhouse in Normandy, france. How very telling that an Artist lives in this house!  The use of clashing colours on the bed works beautifully against the neutral calmness of the walls, floor and soft furnishings.


This gorgeous blog by Janice Issitt sums up exactly how personality determines interior styling.  Chalk it up – I adore the use of colour by Janice, she is truly inspiring. Her use of Chalk Paint™ is just beautiful.

Chalk Paint™ veneer 

The line “Decoration is the veneer of life” can also be linked to painting and up-cycling pieces of furniture within the home. Pieces we’ve had for years that are now out of place within our ever changing interior design styling.  Often people who come into our shop tell the same story. “I have old orange pine, its good quality, solid, really well made and it seems a shame to throw it away.” This is the perfect paint project for all the Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan enthusiasts. Giving this old orange pine a new “Veneer” with a lick of paint is effectively  breathing new life into a piece that may have ended up on the dump. We are giving these pieces  “An attractive appearance that covers or disguises something’s true nature.” In doing so we are expressing our style and taste in creating something new from something old.  Isn’t this just the BEST thing about Chalk Paint™,  the fact that we are replacing our throw away society. Becoming more aware of the importance of  reusing, recycling and reducing waste, is in effect reducing our own carbon footprint on the planet we all inhabit.

Below is a before and after of a dressing table I transformed using a multitude of Chalk Paint™ colours. The main colour is Antoinette trimmed with Old White.


So I hope this gives you an insight into our ethos and our motivation at Dandelion Lane Interiors. We are always on hand to guide you with  your colour and Interior Design choices.  As a team we have many years experience within the fields of Interior design, upholstery and home making etc. We are only too happy to impart this knowledge to our customers.  Our fabric and wallpaper library is extensive, including well known brands such as Sanderson, Morris & Co, Clarke & Clarke and Voyage Decoration.  We also stock fabric on the roll by Annie Sloan™ and Clarke & Clarke.  We have gorgeous soft furnishings by Voyage Maison and Avoca to dress your home in style. We offer Decorative painting workshops, sewing workshops, lampshade workshops and much much more.  So why not pay us a visit, and let us inspire you, guide you, teach you and most importantly help you create the beautifully veneered home you aspire to.


Have a fabulous St. Patricks weekend everyone!!! May the luck of the Irish be with you all… We will be closed on Monday, hopefully enjoying the well earned rest at home with our loved ones…

Jill xoxox


  1. I have just come across your lovely blog and I am hooked! Looking forward to your next post already! Love from a fellow chalk paint addict! 🙂 xx

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